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About Us

Catalina Insurance Services is here to provide you with protection

Time for Insurance agents/brokerages to build something new. A Firm committed to modernizing our industry in service of our clients.

Catalina Insurance Services will empower insurance professionals to deliver superior service and tailored coverage. Our technology will allow brokers/agents and staff work smarter with our sophisticated platform. CIS is a modern insurance brokerage/agency platform bringing the industry into the 21st century. We leverage technology to simplify the selling process for agents/brokers and the buying process for clients. We represent a paradigm shift in the industry and a new opportunity path for tens of thousands of agents/brokers.

CIS is focused on the future of modernizing the insurance experience for both the agent/broker and the insured. Our goal is to celebrate a new opportunity for us agents and continue to deliver quality and affordable insurance as we have for 100’s of years. The old saying “if it works don’t fix it, just make it better” and its time for insurance agents/brokers to unite and build the future of our generation and establish a new concept.

With 30 years of experience in the property & casualty insurance sector will drive me to build a modernized system for the agents/brokers and the the insured. The future of insurance will be built on relationships and technology between the agents/brokers and the insured to empower transparency.

The insurance industry has been one of safest and profitable investments for some time. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway group of Insurance company’s have an incredible track record of profitability and success.